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Guidelines ​for​ Fostering ​and​ Agreement 


The Foster Home serves as a safe and comfortable environment for the rescue animals and allows us to get to know the rescued animal before it is placed in a permanent home. This agreement applies to any and all dogs placed in foster(s) care, whether property of Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (“MCAC”) or One Love Pit Bull Foundation (“OLPBF”),  ​including​ but​ not​ limited​ to,​ the ​dogs ​listed​ above.


The Foster Home will make an effort to assess the rescue animal. Please keep track of your ​findings ​in ​the following ​areas: 


-General Health coat condition, skin problems weight loss or gain, coughing or sneezing ​etc. 

-Behavior is the animal house broken or knows basic commands? Does the animal chew ​or ​nip? Get ​along​ with ​kids,​ cats​ and​ dogs?​ What ​is​ the ​animal’s ​energy​ level? 

-Temperament Is the animal friendly, withdrawn or easily frightened? How does the animal​ respond ​to​ you? 


1. All animals placed in foster care should be crated when not directly supervised. This should ​continue​ until​ the​ Foster​ Home​ can ​make ​a​ confident ​evaluation​ of ​the animal’s temperament and behavior. The new foster dog should be isolated from other animals for a 14 day period in case of illnesses. One Love Pit Bull Foundation will supply ​a​ crate ​if​ needed. 

2. If, upon arrival, the Foster Home suspects that the animal may be aggressive, the Foster Home is to immediately contact One Love, who will help with animal assessment. 

3. One Love Pit Bull Foundation will not be responsible for any damage caused by the foster animal, whether damage is to personal property or to another animal (including illnesses transmitted by a One Love Pit Bull Foundation and/or MCAC dog). You understand that there are risks associated with bringing a rescued dog into your home and it is very common for shelter pets to become exposed to kennel cough, parvo and distemper while in the shelter system. These diseases are easily transmitted, which is why we require separation from your personal pets for a 14 day period. One Love Pit Bull Foundation is not responsible for vet bills incurred by you for your personal dogs or cats. You must agree to provide healthy, sanitary, stable, loving and safe environment for the rescue animal; preferably until the animal is adopted into it’s permanent home. 

4. While there is no established time parameter an animal will be in foster care the Foster Home should notify One Love Pit Bull Foundation regarding vacations or any break or termination of the foster agreement. Under no circumstances should the animal ​be ​transferred​ to​ any​ 3​rd ​party​ caretaker. 

5. The foster home should contact One Love Pit Bull Foundation if any medical treatment is needed for the animal. In case of a medical emergency occurring after hours, please contact One Love and take the animal to the closest emergency animal clinic. 

6. Upon request, One Love Pit Bull Foundation will provide food for the animal, or you may​ supply ​your ​own ​premium ​pet ​food, ​while ​the ​animal ​is ​in ​foster ​care. 

7. Any medical or behavioral problems that are seen in the rescue animal should be reported​ to ​One ​Love ​as ​soon ​as ​possible. 

8. One Love Pit Bull Foundation reserves the right to evaluate the living conditions of the animal at any time. By signing below you agree to surrender the animal if said conditions ​are ​not ​found​ to​ be​ satisfactory. 

9. You are not to sell, trade, abandon, or dispose of the One Love Pit Bull Foundation/MCAC foster animal in any way. You must immediately notify One Love Pit Bull Foundation if you cannot keep this animal as a foster. Under no circumstances should the animal be transferred​ to​ any​ ​3rd ​party ​caretaker. 

10. One Love Pit Bull Foundation will determine with the foster home when the animal is ​ready ​to ​be ​adopted. 

11. The foster home understands that this is not an adoption and the animal is property of One Love Pit Bull Foundation or Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. Should the Foster Home wish to adopt the animal,​ they ​will​ have ​to ​do ​it​ separately ​and ​go​ through ​the​ established ​procedures. 

12. I acknowledge that there are many risks associated with being around animals, including risk of being bitten, scratched, jumped on, knocked over, chased, tripped, infected with a disease, injured or frightened, and I voluntarily assume such risks on behalf of myself, my children, my personal pets and my guests. Despite my knowledge of these risks, and despite the fact that I understand that these risks might arise out of negligent handling of animals by One Love Pit Bull Foundation, its members, directors, or officers, I have voluntarily agreed to participate in the One Love Pit Bull Foundation foster program, and fully accept the risks that go along with that participation. With these risks in mind, I agree to waive, release, and covenant not to sue over any and all rights or claims for damages or personal injury which I, my children, or my guests might sustain as a result of participating in the foster process, even though such rights or claims might arise out of the negligence of One Love Pit Bull​ Foundation,​ it’s​ members,​ directors,​ or​ officers. 

The waiver is binding upon my children, family members, my guests and myself. I agree to inform my guests ​of​ the​ existence​ and​ contents ​of​ this​ waiver.

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