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Shelter Dog Program™ Grants



One Love Pit Bull Foundation is offering $500 and $1,000 grants to nonprofit organizations that implement our Shelter Dog Program™ at their local shelter.






The Shelter Dog Program is an innovative, forward-thinking and life-saving initiative that was established in 2015 to assist local shelters with pit bull type dogs who are at risk and/or long time residents. We have made a great impact with this program and look forward to sharing our success with other organizations. 

Is this program a good fit for your organization? Read through the questions below!

Does your local shelter need help getting dogs adopted quickly and freeing up kennel space?


Do you run a rescue group that is always at capacity?  


Do you want to help shelter dogs in need, without having to intake?


Or perhaps you're a municipal shelter that frequently requests assistance from rescue partners but they are

always full?


Do you want to help shelter dogs get adopted and stay adopted?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Shelter Dog Program™ may be right for you!

Please fill out the Grant Application below!

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