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Very Important Pits (VIP) Program


When the shelter stopped allowing volunteers to help out because of COVID-19 restrictions, we had to get creative and find new ways to help the dogs.  Since we couldn't go to the shelter, we brought the shelter dogs to us!  And that's how our VIP (Very Important Pits) program was born!

This new program is an extension of our SDP (Shelter Dog Program) and will give us the opportunity to help even more dogs.  In addition to our enrichment and volunteer efforts, we are now pulling some of our sponsored dogs from the shelter and placing them in foster with our amazing partners.  They either stay at Heidi's Village or Second Home Pet Resort for an extended vacation away from the shelter.  Once the dogs have been relocated, our volunteers spring into action by spending quality time with them, taking them to Mutt Manners Training classes and day foster outings.  They also begin to thrive immediately because they are in a less stressful environment.  Last, but not least, they receive quality medical care and treatment by the wonderful veterinary staff.  All of this allows us to keep our sponsored shelter dogs safe and healthy while we look for their forever homes!

So where do you come in?  COVID has affected our ability to fundraise, so any amount of donation will help keep this program alive.  

$20 a day pays for a dog to be in the program
$140 for the week
$600 for a month

This includes vet care, food, training and boarding expenses.
Donations can be made by following this LINK!

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