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One Love Resources

We realize that 'life' can throw some unexpected curves and can leave you feeling lost & confused when trying to navigate challenges, especially with a pet in the family.


Pets are an important part of the family dynamic and we've put together a collection of resources and partners below that can help pets & families thrive.

If you or your pet need help, see our resources below.


Mutt Manners Training

Our popular free training classes allows new adoptive pet parents to strengthen their relationship with their new dog.

Shelter Assistance Fund

Generating unique ideas to enrich shelter life for dogs in collaboration with Maricopa County Animal Care.

Free Spay & Neuter Application

Fill out the form below to apply for FREE spay & neuter services. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PIT BULL TYPE DOGS.

Renting With Dogs

'Renting With Dogs' helps dog owners of restricted breeds with resources & options for rentals.

Vet Help

Emergency with your pet? View a network of local vet offices that take payment plans.

Surrendering a Dog?

We are not an open intake organization, therefore WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT OWNER SURRENDERS OR STRAYS.

Please click the links below for important information and tips to help you with this rescue.

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