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Shelter Dog Program™

The Shelter Dog Program was established in 2015 and is made up of 3 pillars: Large Scale Enrichment, In Shelter Events & VIP Sponsorship.


Large Scale Enrichment

Consistent shelter enrichment programs help reduce the stress and boredom of kennel life.

In Shelter Events

In Shelter Events

One Love hosts shelter-wide bath days, photo shoots, adoption events & holiday festivities.

VIP Sponsorship

VIP Sponsorship

Our sponsored dogs are referred to as VIP's aka Very Important Pits! See below for more details.

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Shelter Dog


Check out Bath & Enrichment Day!

ShelterDog Program

Very Important Pits

One Love believes that shelter enrichment programs are a necessity.


Many dogs have trouble adjusting to shelter life and need a little extra help getting adopted. The Shelter Dog Program was established in 2015 to assist local shelters with pit bull type dogs who are at risk and/or long time residents.​

'Very Important Pits' are shelter dogs who have been "sponsored" by One Love and receive the following benefits.

In Shelter Training

Building confidence and learning life skills will help ensure a successful adoption. That's why our Volunteers pick up sponsored dogs from the shelter and bring them to our Mutt Manners Training Classes.

Shelter Visits

The majority of our volunteers are also registered volunteers at our local municipal shelters. This allows them to make regular trips to the shelter to spend time with our sponsored dogs. Volunteers will bathe, walk, and play with the dogs several times per week.

Enrichment Items

Pork Chomps, Kongs, Nylabones and Bully Sticks increase mental stimulation and keep the dogs busy for hours, which in turn can provide a much needed distraction from the shelter environment. You can help provide shelter dogs with enrichment items by donating via our Amazon Wishlist.

Adoption Package

1. Adoption Counseling

2. Free "Mutt Manners" Training Classes

3. Post Adoption Support and Resources

Marketing & Promotion

Bring on the swag! Let's face it, sometimes these kids just need help standing out in the crowd. That's why we provide them with collars, bandannas, kennel promotion and lots of targeted social media advertisement.

Medical Treatment

Dogs with conditions that the shelter is unable to treat are seen by our veterinary team. 

Day Foster Trips & Sleepovers

Our volunteers routinely take our sponsored dogs on outings!  Whether it's hiking, happy hour, snuggle time on the couch or playtime at the park, these trips allow them to just be a dog.  An outing like this filled with positive human interaction can make all the difference. 

Heidi's Village/Foster

Dogs requiring decompression or medical treatment may be placed in foster or in boarding at Heidi's Village. Once they leave the shelter, dogs begin to thrive immediately because they are in a calmer environment.  They also receive quality medical care and treatment by our wonderful veterinarians.  This allows us to keep our sponsored shelter dogs safe and healthy while we look for their forever homes! However, it is costly. To help us continue this program, please consider donating today or becoming a member of our monthly giving program.

$20 a day pays for a dog to be in the program at Heidi's Village
$140 for the week
$600 for a month

This includes vet care, food, training and boarding expenses.
Donations can be made by following this 

VIP Walk of Fame

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