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Rayna's Medical Fund

Rayna's Medical Fund Provides 

Treatment For Shelter Dogs With

Medical Needs.

Rayna’s Medical Fund was established in 2019 by One Love in an effort to save more lives by providing treatment to shelter dogs with medical needs that go beyond what the shelters are able to address.


Rayna came to the shelter in February of 2019 and was immediately placed on the e-list due to a huge mass on her paw that they suspected as cancer. One Love was able to provide her medical funding to have the mass removed and tested. Imagine our surprise and relief when the results showed the mass was benign! Rayna made a full recovery and was able to find her forever home that same year.


Her story is like so many others that come through the shelter system. With this new fund, we hope to save more amazing dogs like Rayna in the years to come.

*This medical fund is only for dogs who currently reside at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control.*

Raynas Medical Fund
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